The Capon Experience

Capon Springs is an all-inclusive resort in rural WV, about two hours from Washington DC (90 minutes from Washington Dulles International Airport). The resort features a golf course, spa, beautiful hiking, and best of all: no WiFi in the rooms.  We eat three meals a day together in the communal dining hall, where the talk of audio gear is exceeded only by the talk of pie.

Capon Springs is an old school resort that still maintains much of the spirit and tradition of the past. The day starts with flag raising before breakfast. Meals are served family style. Everyone is treated like family. Many of the rooms do not even have locks on the doors. You are welcome to drink on your porch, but there is no place to buy alcohol at the resort.

Robert E. Lee used to frequent Capon Springs

The Game Audio Retreat is happening alongside the Mountain Recording Retreat, a similar program focused on music recording. Attendees of both events will share meals and social activities together.